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DKA 2024 March Newsletter

Mar 8, 2024

DKK Colleague Wins at the CerSJ Awards for Achievements in Industrial Ceramic Technology

The Ceramic Society of Japan (“CerSJ”) Awards is presented to individuals in recognition of their contributions to the progress and growth of the ceramics industry, science, and technology, and their exceptional record in academic research and technology as well as distinguished service to the Society and the industry. Mr. Masayuki TAKAI of DKK was recognized by this prestigious organization.


The award-winning technology is our zirconia ceramic material “DURAZR🄬-S” newly developed by DKK. In-house comparisons of sintered compacts using this new material have approximately three times the toughness of earlier ones. They also show hydrothermal deterioration resistance even in hot water environments while keeping the same strength as conventional products. The award was decided at the end of last year, and the award ceremony will be held this spring.

About DKK

DKK America Materials, Inc. (“DKA”) is the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (“DKK”). DKK America Materials, Inc. (“DKA”) maximizes the potential of zirconium compounds.
As a dedicated zirconium manufacturer, our unique technologies maximize the potential of zirconium properties. Our zirconium compounds and materials have many applications that advance technology and safety.

Applications Include:
● Industrial Catalysts
● Dental Materials
● Automotive Catalysts
● Electronic Materials
● Fine Ceramics
● Fuel Cells
● Oxygen Sensors
● Semiconductors

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