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We’re a Leading Company in Zirconium Products.

We’ve won high praise as one of a handful of companies anywhere in the world specializing in integrated production technologies for manufacturing zirconium compounds from zirconium ores.
We plan to continue pursuing research and development efforts to meet the ever-increasing demand for diverse, advanced products and to offer these products on a timely basis to satisfy various customers.
DKK America Materials, Inc. is located in the U.S. to more ably serve customers in North America who seek a “local” zirconia supplier.

 Our products are used across a wide range of industries that include not only automotive and industrial catalyst, and electronic fields, but also the fine ceramics field, where high strength, high precision, and high toughness are in demand.

Our company will retain its role as a driving force behind technologies, and novel materials for a new era.

Automotive catalysts

Automotive Catalyst

Fuel cells and oxygen sensors

Automotive Catalyst

Structural materials (fine ceramics)

Automotive Catalyst

Dental materials

Automotive Catalyst

Electronic materials

Automotive Catalyst

Industrial catalysts

Automotive Catalyst

Coatings and metal surface

treatment materials

Automotive Catalyst

Refractories and brake materials

Automotive Catalyst

Aluminum brazing materials

Automotive Catalyst

Zirconium oxides

We offer a lineup of zirconium oxide products with diverse physical properties, including particle size and specific surface area.

Electromelting stabilized zirconium oxides
Composite oxides
Zirconium compounds
Cesium compounds
Rare earth compounds
Zircon sand
Various sol products

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